Our Year at a Glance:​

Fall Session: September & October: Classes begin. We learn each other's names and play a lot of games while seeing where everyone is ability wise. Learn new steps, as well as refresh the old ones. Officially get everyone on the same page and dancing in sync. 

 Begin working on combinations to various music. These may seem random at the time, but they will transition in to our full routines.

Halloween week - dress in your costume! We will have a party this week of class. It is a fun chance to reward ourselves for 8 weeks of hard work. 
Holiday Session: November & December: Start working on our Christmas performance dances. 
Continue cleaning/perfecting our Christmas dances.  Our annual holiday recital (no costumes, so no extra cost is necessary) is aimed for Saturday December 16, 2017. Your dancer will perform 1 dance. (Either Tap or Ballet, or Jazz)
Winter Session: January & February: We will start fresh like we do in September. There is normally another rush in enrollment, so we will take the time to learn names and get refreshed with old dance steps, and practice new ones. Begin our recital dance choreography for June. We celebrate Valentines Day with a party the week of. 
Spring Session: March & April:  Continue working on June's recital dances. No class the week of Spring Break.  Begin to finish up learning all of our recital dances. 
Recital Prep: May & June: Begin cleaning recital dances, and practice doing them without your teacher's help and prompting! 
Our Annual Spring Recital! 2 Years old - 4 Years old will perform Tap & Ballet. Kindergarten and Up will perform Tap, Ballet, & Jazz. If you opt for extra classes, these will also include a performance each (HipHop, Lyrical, Acro, or Solos/Duos)

July & August- You may use these months to take a break from classes, OR we offer a large variety of Summer Camps. 

Additional performance opportunities occasionally present themselves throughout the year. I will always give as much notice as possible. 

A. Persons Dance Legacy